Why Choose Extaurant?

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Frequently asked questions. To provide consultancy for preparing of all sorts of corporate and any other services as the company may think fit and proper.
  • What types of services does Extaurant offer?

    Extaurant provides a range of services including restaurant pre-opening set-up, creation of operations manuals, team member training, franchising packages, and menu development.

  • Can you provide examples of international brands Extaurant has worked with?

    Yes, Extaurant has operated brands such as Magnum Manila by Unilever, Makansutra International, Vikings, and various others in locations spanning from the USA to the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

  • What sets Extaurant apart from other consulting firms?

    Extaurant stands out due to its extensive experience, hands-on management approach, tailored solutions, and commitment to long-term growth strategies, which have led to nationally and globally recognized successes.

  • How does Extaurant help its clients improve their restaurant operations?

    Extaurant assists clients by evaluating and modifying their policies and activities to meet high standards, implementing strategic messaging and action plans, and providing comprehensive training programs for team members.

  • Where can potential clients find more information about Extaurant?

    Potential clients can visit Extaurant's Facebook page for updates, testimonials, and contact information, or they can reach out directly via the provided office address and phone numbers in Quezon City, Philippines.

Why Choose Extaurant?

We can be a solution to Set-Up  a Branded Restaurant Business.

We are freelance American Casual International operator that can provide you with Restaurant concepts package set upIncludes logo design, conceptualization, recipe, employee training, franchise package and provide technical restaurant solution that are tried & tested globally. “Look like globally but made locally”
  • Services Offered

    Extaurant provides services such as restaurant pre-opening set-up, creation of restaurant operations manuals, team member training programs, franchising packages, and menu development & re-engineering.

  • Client Portfolio

    Their client portfolio showcases international brands operated, success stories and testimonials, case studies, collaborations and partnerships, and expansion projects.

  • Expertise Areas

    Extaurant's expertise areas include culinary expertise, operational efficiency, marketing strategies, branding and conceptualization, and international market penetration.

  • Consultancy Approach

    Their consultancy approach is characterized by tailored solutions, hands-on management, strategic planning, cost-effectiveness, and long-term growth strategies.

  • Client Testimonials

    Client testimonials feature quotes from satisfied clients, success stories, before and after scenarios, impact on business performance, and client recommendations and referrals.

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