We are freelance American Casual International operator that can provide you with Restaurant concepts package set upIncludes logo design, conceptualization, recipe, employee training, franchise package and provide technical restaurant solution that are tried & tested globally.

“Look like globally but made locally”

A General & Operator of Hardrock Micronesia – USA, Chilis Bar & Grill – Dubai UAE/ Singapore, Outback Steakhouse- Manila and more. Open some international Boutique Hotel and Restaurant in Micronesia Guam/Saipan USA, Hardrock Hotel in Penang Malaysia and local Café, Coffee/ Pastry Shop/Resorts restaurant in Cebu, CDO, Baguio, Tarlac, and Quezon and even in Palawan.We build, design Central Kitchen, Commissary or even Cloud Kitchen both local/abroad since 2002.

Last year we open a couple of Cafe’s, Coffee Shop & Pastry, and Arabic Restaurant Shop in Saudi Arabia and open a Cloud Kitchen supporting their cafe’s pastry group.


Team Member Training System
Implementing structured training programs to ensure staff are well-equipped with skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality service.
In-house Restaurant Training Program
Customized training initiatives designed to align with the specific needs and goals of individual restaurants, covering operational procedures and customer service standards.
Mystery Shopping Program
Conducting anonymous assessments to evaluate customer experiences and identify areas for improvement in service quality and operational efficiency.
Restaurant Operations Audit
Comprehensive evaluations of restaurant operations to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, enabling strategic improvements in various aspects of the business.
Multi-media Training Videos and Materials
Developing interactive training resources to enhance learning effectiveness and consistency across staff members.
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Franchising Packages
Assisting restaurant brands in creating franchise models, including documentation, training, and support systems to facilitate expansion.
Marketing Communication
Developing and executing targeted marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness, attract customers, and drive sales.
Central Kitchen/ Cloud Kitchen Design
Designing efficient and functional kitchen setups to support restaurant operations, catering services, and delivery channels.
Menu Development & Re-Engineering
Collaborating with culinary professionals to create appealing menus tailored to customer preferences and market trends.
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Restaurateur Masterclass Owners Mentorship
Offering mentorship and educational programs to empower restaurant owners with industry insights and leadership skills.
International Food Park/ Food Stall developer
Providing consultancy services for the development and management of food parks and stalls, including concept creation and vendor selection.
Restaurant Turn-Around
Providing expert guidance and strategies to revitalize struggling restaurants, optimize operations, and improve profitability.