How it works

 We specialized in developing a new restaurant concept but without proper mentorship and  lack of clarity will undermine your chances of success. We’ll help you mitigate costly mistakes by taking a step by step and meticulous approach to refining and expanding upon your concept idea. Using our proven Restaurant Business Model Strategy  process for new restaurant concept development, we work by your side to deliver a clear operations strategy and a restaurant business plan rooted in realistic financial goals and objectives.

Whether you’re developing a scalable concept for growth or a single-unit operation, our team of experience restaurant operator/Chef  tap their industry experience to help you define your restaurant sales ,menu development, target market and more. Extaurant Business Management Consultancy will provide research-driven insight and action plans to support each of your decisions.

Whether you’re in the ideation phase or already up and running, achieving success in the food service industry requires a careful balancing act of controlling costs, boosting sales and staying relevant to changing consumer tastes. Practical solutions may offer inspiration but end up wasting resources without improving your financial run-away.

As former restaurant operator who manage international and local client our seasoned Chef, Consultants know exactly what you’re going through because we’ve been there ourselves. Using your vision as our guide, we objectively evaluate where you currently stand and provide a clear set of evidence-based modifications – or radical changes – to improve your productivity and increase your profits.


Restaurant Operations Evaluation

Let us dig into your concept and we’ll give you an achievable plan to increase revenue and consistent execution.

1. Establish your Vision/ Concept Idea

We set a meeting to kickoff your idea and  to understand your business’ needs, goals and challenges. Learning where you want to go informs our plan to help you get there.

2.  Operation Involvement

We assess your standard operating materials, sales mix, recipes, profit and loss statements, sales revenue and guest reviews (online and in-house) to understand your current operating standards.

3. Ocular Inspection

We conduct a site visit to observe front- and back-of-house procedures and how they relate to your defined standards. After checking the competitive market to understand how your business fits into the local landscape, we assess your guest experience, and retrofit your model to our system

4. Business Model Strategy

Upon the conclusion of our visit, we provide a debrief of initial findings, discussing proven strategies to improve your operations and overall performance which we called your Business Model.

5. Plan of Action

Will present a business pitch after creating a detailed road map specifically for your restaurant, identifying both challenges and actionable steps for improvement and efficiency. Together, we review your report and determine how to implement the recommended changes.